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final fantasy piano for youu~ ;]

yousendit was being a bitch, i couldn't make a proper torrent, couldn't send it over email or gmail or anywhere else, so i had to go and upload these files individually on rapidshare. >__> it took awhile but. hey. here y'go. merry christmas.

( final fantasy iv piano collection )
( final fantasy v piano collection )
( final fantasy vi piano collection )
( final fantasy vii piano collection )
( final fantasy viii piano collection )
( final fantasy ix piano collection (pt 1) )
( final fantasy ix piano collection (pt 2) )
( final fantasy x piano collection )
( final fantasy x-2 piano collection )

( what each set contains! ;] )

well. that took awhile. sorry if that was hassling. o__o and yes, ffix's collection was so huge that i had to split it up. x'33 all of these are awesome, though. feel free to download.


X'DD actually, i really dunno if this is the right place to put this stuff, but i just uploaded these, it took one hell of a time to do so, and i'd love to share them. ;] besides, it's final fantasy music, so it's kinda related to nobuo, isn't it? -wibble-

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