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Guess I am late posting this, but I just caught that whole post when you join thing now. Anyway, I am a VERY devoted Uematsu fan. I first devoted my life to his music (Nobuoism...bwahaha) probably after I was downloading things and got some songs of the series, and even though I had already played the games, I guess it had been too long ago and the music didn't stand out enough. I looked him up on stuff and then proceeded to become a fanatic. My favorite game and my favorite album (both) is Final Fantasy IX. My favorite songs are Jenova Absolute from FFVII, The Extreme from FFVIII, Assault of the White Dragons, Hunter's Chance, You're Not Alone! from FFIX, and....I'm not really crazy over anything from FFX. >.> Also, I play percussion, and know how to play a few songs on keyboard instruments. :D (Aeris's Theme, the Chocobo song (not a single one of them, just the general melody), the song I forget the name of, I need to remember some of these names.)
You guys ever read this neat thing? :D (taken from his wikipedia page)
Uematsu signed to finish the Chrono Trigger soundtrack after his friend, Yasunori Mitsuda, contracted stomach ulcers
Neat, huh? Yeah, anyway. Mitsuda's music is cool too, 'course. I also like some of Tactic's soundtrack.

But I will end this with a question... It seems everyone (edit: well, that is, most people) disliked FFIX, and usually its music also, or don't rank them with the other games. Anyone wanna say why? :/ I loved the game and it's music.

-StryfeX Arcadia
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