nobuouematsu (nobuouematsu) wrote in nobuo_uematsu,

What the fuck?!

I'm disappointed in all of you. You're a disgrace to me, and everything I've ever composed. Hell, half of of you on this damn community aren't even literate. I'd like to give you all a good socket to the jugular one day, you ugly fucktards. Delete this community at once, it pisses the hell out of me. People like you made me leave Square-Enix... get a life, nerds. I'd love to maul the hell out of you with a wrench one day, dickwads.
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Hehe, funny troll. Wish I had access to my photobucket account from this computer, I have a funny image for use on trolls...
XD; No, a different picture.
heh heh
I am Nobuo Uematsu! Respect me!
Silly troll. Tricks are for idiots!
But... what if he is Uematsu-sama?
Bows down

Deleted comment

Deleted comment

Redirects his bowing
Wow...I didn't know that people can be so gullible...hmm...

I'm God, bitches!

Deleted comment

Santa Clause!
I want me a barrel of floss! I want me two balls of be my friends! And I want to go dancin'... NAKED! ...and a chair made of cheese... and a table made of cheese....
Everyone loves him! :)
LMAO. As rude as that is, it's a pretty funny use for an account. XD
hahahaha! what the hell!
i can't wait to go see the final fantasy concert in chicago on the 19th! i reserved a hotel in hyatt just for that!