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05:49am 24/02/2011
I am selling two tickets to Final Fantasy Distant Worlds in NYC for April 2nd Balcony seating, but center, seats J1 and J3 {next to each other}
$142, please message to buy and/or ask around!
09:43pm 13/03/2008
  Hi! ^^

I'm a first timer with a question ;_;
But first!
Why do I like nobuo?
He makes all the games he composes for more magical. Without him they would lose at least 50% of their charm. And the Black Mages? Absolutely AMAZING. I just cannot describe how much his music makes my life a little bit more spicy.

All right, my question ^^;;

What do you get the ultimate Nobuo fanatic?
A friend of mine has a birthday coming up, and has had a really, really bad year. At first I was hoping I could get him the entire Black Mages / FF Soundtrack collection and have Nobuo sign it personally to him but I was unable to get to the concert in Chicago, and I'm just totally out of ideas otherwise.

Help! Please?

Thanks ^_^
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12:51pm 12/03/2008
  My experience meeting Nobuo!

This is a link to my journal, when I flew to Chicago to see the Distant Worlds concert. :)
12:25am 02/08/2006
  Anyone go to the Philly Play! concert?  Nobuo wasn't there, but they showed a small video of him introducing some FF music.  They only played 4 FF songs:  Chocobo theme, Liberi Fitali, Aeris' theme, and One winged angel.  They were all AWESOME.  It was the best Liberi Fitali I ever heard live.  (I heard all 4 of these songs at the Chicago Dear Friends concert).  They were done REALLY well at the Philly concert though. :D  
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08:55am 04/04/2006
  4th ALBUM
Ultra Blue
2006.6.14 release
3,059yen(tax in)

13 tracks including the singles "COLORS", "Darekano Negaiga Kanau Koro", "Be My Last", "Passion" and "Keep Tryin'".

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final fantasy piano for youu~ ;] 
09:40pm 06/12/2005
mood: happy
yousendit was being a bitch, i couldn't make a proper torrent, couldn't send it over email or gmail or anywhere else, so i had to go and upload these files individually on rapidshare. >__> it took awhile but. hey. here y'go. merry christmas.

( final fantasy iv piano collection )
( final fantasy v piano collection )
( final fantasy vi piano collection )
( final fantasy vii piano collection )
( final fantasy viii piano collection )
( final fantasy ix piano collection (pt 1) )
( final fantasy ix piano collection (pt 2) )
( final fantasy x piano collection )
( final fantasy x-2 piano collection )

( what each set contains! ;] )

well. that took awhile. sorry if that was hassling. o__o and yes, ffix's collection was so huge that i had to split it up. x'33 all of these are awesome, though. feel free to download.


X'DD actually, i really dunno if this is the right place to put this stuff, but i just uploaded these, it took one hell of a time to do so, and i'd love to share them. ;] besides, it's final fantasy music, so it's kinda related to nobuo, isn't it? -wibble-

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06:38pm 30/10/2005
  Since you guys like my music so much, I suggest you send donations to me. Yes... that's right... send many donations! Go!  
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How about another? 
01:13am 05/08/2005
  My last question seemed to do fairly well, and this place could use some liveliness, so I'll do another question.

What songs should be remade for The Black Mages III? (assuming it comes out)

I'll withhold my choices just to see what y'all say first. :D
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07:57pm 01/08/2005
  Mr. Uematsu is one of my favourite composers because of his ability to make us feel and his ability to fine tune his music to be one with the game...

His music gives Final Fantasy so much more feeling.

Here are some tracks I really like:

FFVI overworld theme (also known as Terra's theme)
One Winged Angel FFVII
The Successor FFVIII
Eyes on me FFVIII
Dancing mad FFVI
The Day Will Come FFV
Dear Friends FFV
The Prelude FFVI
Final Fantasy (mutiple FFs)
Liberi Fatali FFVIII
Sucession of Witches FVIII
Aria De Mezzo Caraterre FFVI
FFVI ending theme
...and so on!! too many to list...

By the way, does anyone have Aria De Mezzo Caraterre's version with the italian singer? It's the one in Final Fantasy VI Grand Finale...
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04:45pm 26/07/2005
mood: w00t
Guess I am late posting this, but I just caught that whole post when you join thing now. Anyway, I am a VERY devoted Uematsu fan. I first devoted my life to his music (Nobuoism...bwahaha) probably after I was downloading things and got some songs of the series, and even though I had already played the games, I guess it had been too long ago and the music didn't stand out enough. I looked him up on stuff and then proceeded to become a fanatic. My favorite game and my favorite album (both) is Final Fantasy IX. My favorite songs are Jenova Absolute from FFVII, The Extreme from FFVIII, Assault of the White Dragons, Hunter's Chance, You're Not Alone! from FFIX, and....I'm not really crazy over anything from FFX. >.> Also, I play percussion, and know how to play a few songs on keyboard instruments. :D (Aeris's Theme, the Chocobo song (not a single one of them, just the general melody), the song I forget the name of, Cleyra...song....wow. I need to remember some of these names.)
You guys ever read this neat thing? :D (taken from his wikipedia page)
Uematsu signed to finish the Chrono Trigger soundtrack after his friend, Yasunori Mitsuda, contracted stomach ulcers
Neat, huh? Yeah, anyway. Mitsuda's music is cool too, 'course. I also like some of Tactic's soundtrack.

But I will end this with a question... It seems everyone (edit: well, that is, most people) disliked FFIX, and usually its music also, or don't rank them with the other games. Anyone wanna say why? :/ I loved the game and it's music.

-StryfeX Arcadia
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^_^ Whee. 
08:52pm 13/07/2005
  I go to school in North Texas.

However, for the summer, I moved back down south to work. I can't believe I missed the "Dear Friends" Concert in Fort Worth. I think that's the closest it'll ever get for me, unforutnately. =)

Glad to hear it was a blast.
07:30pm 02/07/2005
  Nobuo Uematsu is one of my favorite composers. Not just of videogame music, but one of my favorite composers period. I also love Mitsuda who did the Chrono Trigger/Chross and Xenogears/saga OSTs

I just joined, so I'll just say my favorite music comes from FF 7, 8, and 10.

Oh, and I went to Ft. Worth's Dear Friends concert and it was incredible. TWO ENCORES. Yes, they played One Winged Angel twice. Bliss.
Want Dear Friends to come to DC? 
09:33pm 30/06/2005
  X-postin' and spreadin' tha love!

Having recently been to Atlanta concert, I became inspired and determined to bring Dear Friends to the best FF fans on earth, the DC community. So I wrote up a petition requesting S-E to do so.

This petition is targeted towards those in the Greater Washington area, meaning DCDelMarVa. But others are welcome to sign it, so long as we have reached the target of Greater Washington residents.

You may read the articles of petition and sign at the link below.

Petition to S-E

Off the record, I've received word from the producer that he would love to set up a concert at Kennedy if he had the word from S-E. It's an off-record comment, so it can't be verified.
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10:53pm 15/06/2005
mood: accomplished
Hey everyone...I just joined this community.

I have a question: does anyone have/know of an orchestral/piano/anything not MIDI version of the song Anxious Heart from FF7? I love this, and I'd really love to have a better quality version of it.

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Newcomer...and an invitation to the Dear Friends concert 
01:46pm 06/03/2005
mood: Whoop!
Hey guys..Im a newcomer to the community and I thought I'd say hi to every one of yous final fantasy addicts, particularly the ones in the San Francisco area, by inviting one of you to the coveted "Dear Friends: Music from Final Fantasy concert" You interested? Read below.

In a recent LJ entry (My ownneocub), I was originally disappointed in the fact that i was unable to go to a concert held in the great gay capital of the United States...otherwise known as San Francisco. However, I was surprised to find out that my friend Jay's roommate, got me a wonderful present....two free tickets to the concert! I was so happy, I actually jumped up and down and give her a huge hug. She wasn't expecting it, but hey, thanks to her, I know have a new found fondness for lesbians. Thanks, new friend! So yeah, new dilemma. I have an extra ticket, but no one to take. I know you guys are Final Fantasy fanatics such as I, so I figure I'll post an entry on here. I'm officially posting an ad for someone who would like to go with me to the event. However. some pre-reqs will follow:

1. Because these tickets were free, I have to find someone reliable to go with. This extra seat MUST be filled. The value of the two tickets was a hundred bucks, and I'm not going to let it go to waste on a flake.

2. You have to have a car. Because I am visiting a friend, I came on Greyhound to the city, so I have no ride to the event, and I think it would be best if the two of us went together. (yes, I asked my friends, and they didn't wanna go.) But if worse comes to worse, this pre-req could be eleminated and we could just take public transportation.

Other than that, I can't think of anything. If anything else comes to mind, I'll add it as a reply to this entry. If you wanna go, email me or reply to this entry! I know it's short notice, but I just go the extra ticket today. Later.

Dear Friends: Music From Final Fantasy
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12:24am 22/02/2005

A video game?
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Final Fantasy Concert: Blow by Blow 
03:30pm 20/02/2005
  "Never measure life by how many breaths you take. Measure it by the moments that take your breathe away." -Hitch

Hitch hit the nail right dead center on the head. Yesterday was the most inspirational and important days of my life. Not only did I get to spend a day in a big city with the closest of my friends, I was able to hear the music that I've taken a personal liking to, played LIVE, for the first time ever in the United States. We started out by getting into Chicago at 9:30am. Chilled out in the city, buying things from the Magnificent Mile and eating in the 8 Floor Mall in Chicago, making a stop to Borders and being paraded by people who wanted low income housing to be incorporated in new apartment buildings, or something like that. We all took a nap in the car and then ate at California Pizza Kitchen, took some group photos, and then pulled a 'Taxi'. We got dressed in the parking structure in front of cars that were trying to park lol Then we had problems with the ticket, cause apparently there's a 10 minute time limit to get out, and they were asking for $12 dollars EXTRA It was crazy.

*20 Minutes later*

We get to the city where the concert is, and then we see this long line of cars coming off the exit ramp. We thought the concert was in the opposite direction. NOPE! All the gamers were in the cars going toward the theatre. Saw a few funny licenses, they had their battle music blaring, and cosplayers applying the final touches on their display. It was crazy, there was a line wrapped around the theatre because they had so many people there. We thought to ourselves 'The gamers were late cause they couldn't find a save point at home' lol We get in and no sooner than we get our seats, we see the different types of gamers. The hot ones, the fat ones, the dirty ones, the ones that boasted about their skillz, the ones that didn't give a crap about their appearance. At one point we saw a girl in gothic gear and a guy wearing a Napster shirt and jogging pants from '98.

So the concert starts and then you hear people shouting and cheering and up on the screen is the tensai himself, Nobuo Uematsu, walking in the aisles to his seat in center row. We all stood up and gave him a warm, heart felt welcome and we see them march in, the choir. Here's the order of events:

1) Opening - Liberi Fatali (FFVIII): I AM NOT WORTHY! The choir was AWESOME and the screenshots from the game tied in well

Introduction of Master of Ceremonies - Gene Honda

2) Zanarkand (FFX): I AM NOT WORTHY! *CRIED* At first I thought it was going to be the song when they get to Zanarkand (the aura song after fighting Lady Yunalesca) but it was the song where Yuna was dancing on the water, sending the souls, and I love that song as well.

3) Terra's Theme (FFVI): Excellent Although I hadn't played this one, I still likes the song :)

4) Dear Friends (FFV): Excellent I remember this song from when I was playing it on ZSNES two years ago, it was nice to see it orchestrated.

5) Flamenco (FFIX): I AM NOT WORTHY! So the master introduces this like 80 year old guitar player and he plays that guitar to the BONE! They showed Vivi on the screen above and he got a standing ovation, it was great! I forget what town it was though.......*remembers* Alexandria :)

6) Love Grows (FFVIII): Excellent At first I didn't know what song it was, and then they showed the airplanes going across the moon, and I was like 'Oh, after the dance at the training center with Quistis! They showed the shots from the ballroom dance, very nice.

INTERMISSION! I bought a poster signed by Uematsu-san and used the bathroom.

7) Aeris' Theme (FFVII): I AM NOT WORTHY! *CRIED* This song had an introduction because it was from on of the most popular of the 12 games of Final Fantasy and yeah, words could not express my feelings when hearing this song. It left me teared up and speechless.....

8) Not Alone (FFIX): Good Unfamiliar with the song, I liked it. I never beat 9 >_<

9) Ronthorn (FFXI): Excellent Also unfamiliar with this song, I listened to it, and it had a nice pattern of drums in it and I was mesmerized!

10) FFI - FFIII Medley (FFI, FFII, FFIII): I AM NOT WORTHY Now why am I not you ask? Well I knew the songs from 3, but this is why ->

11) Chocobo Theme: I AM NOT WORTHY! Everyone started like moving in their seats, and it was awesome!

12) New theme for Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children: Excellent I'll have to buy the movie when it's released on March 22nd (GO AND BUY IT)! but the song was nice :)

13) Theme for Final Fantasy: Excellent I have never heard this song before, I've heard OF it, but yeah, it was nice. Lots of strings for that song :)

Closing statements - Gene Honda introduced Uematsu-san on the stage and we interacted with him. He asked us questions and informed us of his rock band The Black Mages, and we all promised to see his Black Mages concert if he came to the states. And then:

Uematsu-san: "Ancoru ga hoshii ka?"
Translator: Would you all like an encore?

*crowd goes insane*
*choir walks in and looks are confusing*
*conductor returns*
*Sephiroth's face appears on the screen*
*crowd breaks into chaos*

14) ENCORE - One Winged Angel: I AM NOT WORTHY! I haven't heard this song in AGES and then the choir comes in and sings the latin, I was like DAMN! Breath taking!

Summary of the night:

Pros: Shopping, Concert, taking pics of Uematsu-san

I loved it, it was definitely worth the $75 bucks for the ticket, as well as the 3 1/2 hour trip there. *sits and tries to think of the concert in his head again.* I wish I could have had all my friends go because it was definitely a sight to see. The concert was sold out and I'm glad we go floor seats.
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What the fuck?! 
06:51pm 29/01/2005
  I'm disappointed in all of you. You're a disgrace to me, and everything I've ever composed. Hell, half of of you on this damn community aren't even literate. I'd like to give you all a good socket to the jugular one day, you ugly fucktards. Delete this community at once, it pisses the hell out of me. People like you made me leave Square-Enix... get a life, nerds. I'd love to maul the hell out of you with a wrench one day, dickwads.  
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